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Camper for Tesla Cybertruck

An American company, Stream It, has released images and video of a camper conversion it says it will produce for Tesla’s Cybertruck.
Firefighters at work

Tesla fire required excess water

Due to the battery’s lithium-ion cells, firefighters in Austin needed 40,000 litres of water to put out a Tesla on fire.

US investigates Tesla Autopilot

A worrying series of crashes prompts an official investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot system.
rivian is looking at building a uk factory

Rivian in talks to open UK factory

US-based Rivian is reportedly in talks to open a new factory in the UK
Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla posts quarterly profit of $1.1bn

Tesla has announced a milestone for the company as it recorded its eighth profitable quarter in succession.
2021 Sunday Times Motor Awards voting page

Motor Awards 2021: Vote for the winners!

The fourth annual Sunday Times Motor Awards is here, and once again you can help decide the winners!
Tesla creates Model 3 emergency response car for police trials

Tesla Model 3 police car hits UK roads

Tesla has created an emergency response Model 3 that will be trialled by police, fire brigades and other emergency services.
Video raises concerns over Tesla's new steering

Tesla steering yoke demonstration drives criticism

A video of a Tesla owner demonstrating the new Model S's controversial new steering yoke has been posted to social media.
Elon Musk announces cancellation of 520-mile range Tesla Model S Plaid+

Elon Musk cancels 1,100hp Tesla Model S Plaid+

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has announced that the Model S Plaid+ has been cancelled.
Tesla files trademarks for roadside restaurants

Tesla files trademarks for roadside restaurants

Tesla has filed paperwork indicating that it may be considering opening roadside diners for drivers to use while their cars are charging.
Tesla Cybertruck reservations top one million, according to reports

Tesla Cybertruck reservations top one million

Reservations for the Tesla Cybertruck have surpassed one million, according to reports.
Tesla stops accepting Bitcoin as payment

Tesla stops accepting Bitcoin as payment

Tesla has stopped accepting Bitcoin, less than two months after announcing the cryptocurrency’s introduction as a payment method for its cars.