Five best electric cars to buy in 2024

What are the best electric cars on sale today? With rapidly growing choice, we look at the top models to buy in 2023.
Car finance

Car buyers may get payout for mis-sold finance

Consumers may be due thousands in mis-sold car finance scandal.
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5 best city cars to buy in 2024

The city car segment may not be especially highly populated, but it’s where some of the most charming and likeable cars on the market reside.
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5 best luxury cars to buy in 2024

Here are five of the best luxury cars for sale in 2024. They all deliver the ultimate in cruising comfort and upmarket qualities.

Most exciting new cars of 2024

Here’s your rundown of all the most interesting and exciting new models of 2024.
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7 best compact SUVs and crossovers to buy in 2024

While crossovers have been around since at least the 1970s, their popularity has skyrocketed over the last decade.
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Best self-charging hybrids to buy 2024

Looking for a hybrid that you don’t have to plug in? We’ve chosen the best of the 2024 crop.
Car crushed by fallen tree - can you claim on insurance?

Are you insured for a tree falling on your car?

What you have to do if you’re unfortunate enough to have a tree smash into your car during winter weather.
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13 best ‘forgotten’ new cars

When it comes to new cars, plenty of column inches go to electric vehicles — but what are some of the best ‘forgotten’ motors still on sale?
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5 best used four-wheel-drive cars for £10k

Tackle winter with ease with a budget all-wheel-drive option for less than £10,000.
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Will new EV prices drop in 2024?

New car prices look certain to come down, but the used market is looking uncertain.
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Dashboard warning lights explained

If your car’s dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree, it’s really not a good thing. We talk you through what various warning lights mean.
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Driving licence name changes explained

Do you need to change the name on your driving licence after getting married?